The southern battle flag should be viewed as the symbol of the civil war

The flag is also properly known as the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.

What does the Confederate flag mean? The history and design explained.

The Aryan Nation also uses the U. Lee said, he wasn't making the laws by himself. Other notable flags used are shown below. Slavery was a value that the South stood for in the Civil War.

The Flag in the Civil War

InMississippi held a statewide vote to consider changing the state flag, but the measure was defeated. The 13 stars represent the 11 states of the Confederacy as well as Kentucky and Missouri, two slave states that were claimed by the Confederacy but never actually seceded during the Civil War.

The Van Dorn battle flag was also carried by Confederate troops fighting in the Trans-Mississippi and Western theaters of war. Beauregard, to order a retreat because he mistakenly thought arriving Confederate reinforcements were Union troops.

Confederate flag

How is a flag that represents a country in which slavery exists not racists? That flag is padlocked in place, preventing it from being lowered to half-staff, but many activistspoliticians and regular citizens want it gone altogether, citing it as a symbol of racism and hate.

The adoption of the battle flag was an integral, albeit small, part of this resistance. What does it matter what Robert E. National flags First national flag "the Stars and Bars" The first official flag of the Confederacy, called the "Stars and Bars," was flown from March 5,to May 26, Entwined with a war to redefine the United States and what it should stand for, the flag became the primary icon of national identity and ideals, infused with meanings and memories from all sides of the conflict.

It originally featured seven stars, representing the first seven states to secede. McPherson adds that the government refused to recognize the secession because they feared it would result in the U.

Modern display of the Confederate flag

Hetty Cary and her sister and cousin made prototypes. In the case of MississippiFlorida, and Alabama, these new state flags were adopted around the same time that new Jim Crow segregation laws were being enacted.

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The families of his mother, Alicia Crossland, and his wife, Ann Mynne, used ornate crosses in their coats of arms.

Harris pleaded guilty in June to a misdemeanor for using threat of force to intimidate African-American students and employees. Governor David Beasley signed the bill into law five days later after it passed the state Senate.

Supporters of the flag view it as a symbol of heritage and the freedom of the distinct cultural tradition of the South from the oppression of Northern government. It was used in battle beginning in December until the fall of the Confederacy.

Although the 13 stars are said to commemorate the original 13 colonies, it should also be noted that the final version of the Confederate flag also included 13 stars.

Flags of the Confederate States of America

Second national flag 1 May - 4 Mar Second national flag, Confederate Navy battle ensign, 1. In response, Southern sympathizers from the state took to wearing the cross bottony. A symbol of rebels is on most Md. To eliminate the possibility of the flag being mistaken for a flag of truce or surrender, a broad, vertical red bar was added to the front edge of the second national flag.

For other supporters, the Confederate flag represents only a past era of Southern sovereignty. It was first carried in battle in Decemberbut it was the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia and used more commonly in the Eastern Theater than in the Western, where the first Confederate national flag was used throughout the war.

InSouth Carolina began to fly the Confederate flag over its state house. Inthe state of Mississippi adopted a flag using the Confederate battle flag as its canton, with blue, white, and red horizontal stripes.

Slavery itself is not automatically racist but slavery due to race in the case of the Confederacy absolutely is. Some soldiers carried Confederate flags into battle.

The flag can be seen also in a photo taken at San Paolo stadium of Naples on May 10, Some Confederate sympathizers were held without charge, and President Abraham Lincoln ignored court orders to release them. This was replaced again in with a flag resembling the Stars and Bars.

Those documents all explicitly cite threats to slavery as reasons for secession. However, because the first CSA national flag was so similar to the United States flag, it was difficult to tell which flag was which on the battlefield.The display of flags used by and associated with the Confederate States of America (–) has continued, with a long interruption, into the present day, with the "Southern cross" used in the battle flag of General Robert E.

Lee's Army of Northern Virginia gaining the most popular recognition as a modern symbol of the Confederacy, and by extension, the Southern United States in general. The Confederate battle flag made its reappearance following the end of World War II.

A group of southern states seceded from the Democratic party and ran their own ticket, the Dixiecrats, and the. The flag may not be inherently racists, but like symbol, it becomes an article of communication, and the messages the battle flag carried along with have been linked to racist ideology, with the exception of revisionist defenses of the flag.

An article in Saturday's editions incorrectly referred to the battle flag reproduced on Maryland license plates for members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans as the Stars and Bars. The Stars and. Historic meaning of the Confederate flag still strong Jason Pressberg / Columnist.

The Confederate flag is still a symbol of southern pride. Visiting Wal-Mart, you'll find it on bumper stickers, hats and t-shirts of the local Elon and Burlington customers that shop there.

Jun 24,  · The battle flag came into use inwhen Confederate Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard complained that the flag of the Confederacy appeared too similar to the American flag on the battlefield.

The southern battle flag should be viewed as the symbol of the civil war
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