Technical memorandum van westendorp price sensitivity

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Price Elasticity Models, a Particular Approach.

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There are various appropriate applications that address price elasticity, these include conjoint and its special case trade-off also is the van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Model. In this model, price sensitivity relates not to absolute price, but rather to perceived value of the product or.

Price sensitivity is the extent to which price is an important criterion in the customer's decision- making process; thus a price sensitive customer is Technical Memorandum W.R Paczkowski Technical Memorandum van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter Walter R.

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Price Sensitivity Model In the s, Dutch economist Peter H. van Westendorp introduced a simple method to assess consumers’ price perception. It is based on the premise that there is a range of prices bounded bya maximum that a consumer is prepared to spend and a minimum below which credibility is indoubt.

See van Westendorp, PH 'Price sensitivity meter (PSM)--A new approach to the study of consumer per- ception of price' Venice Congress Main Sessions,17The 11 concepts were selected from more than 25 reviewed during the focus group research.

Technical memorandum van westendorp price sensitivity
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