Natalie munroes blog and freedom of speech

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Another urban myth that's repeated over and over and over. The student or parents who took it upon themselves to dig up my blog--and be assured that that is what happened, as they were looking for it and didn't just stumble upon it--are the ones who started this fracas, and they also made sure that only pieces of the whole picture came to light.

Well, it very much depends on the judge. You can file a defamation lawsuit or get a temporary restraining orderfor example. But the opposite ended up happening. Furthermore, Spanierman claimed that the defendants retaliated against him because he exercised his freedom of speech and freedom of association rights.

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According to accounts, he failed to instruct the jury to consider the element of negligence. In fact, if people have a lack of self-perception, I'd bet they'd err on the side of thinking things are NOT being directed at them. Nevertheless, students, parents and the local media became aware of the blog and eventually identified Munroe as well as many of the students to which Munroe specifically referred in her posts.

Finally, the court determined that her "speech" in disseminating photographs on her MySpace page was not entitled to First Amendment protection. So how come it's still legal to be a doctor. Chief Bragg decided to issue an oral reprimand, the lowest level of disciplinary action, for Marshall's violations of Savannah Fire's rules and regulations.

There is help out there, the first step to rectifying the situation is picking up the phone or sending that initial email to someone who is experienced with the legalities of cyberbullying.Sep 10,  · Teacher's 'free speech' is way too free, court rules in Philadelphia rejected a free-speech claim by Natalie Munroe, a high school English teacher who was fired after publishing a blog.

Should she lose her job for engaging in this type of free speech? So how much freedom do teachers have to express themselves and their personal opinons online?

Perhaps a good standard would be that if it is acceptable in public it should be acceptable online. The second issue raised by the "Natalie Munroe Blog Scandal" is that of. Natalie Munroe, a former English teacher at Central Bucks East High School near Philadelphia, maintained a personal blog.

Although most of her posts focused on uncontroversial topics such as recipes and vacations, several of her posts were highly critical of her students and coworkers. Feb 17,  · Teachers and Free Speech and Kids. So while I am for freedom of speech, I do think that anyone has to beware of putting anything up on the internet.

You cannot expect to put something so offensive online and not get in trouble with someone for it. While I believe that Natalie Munroe has a right to speak her mind, I think the.

Teacher suspended for blogs about her students.

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Natalie Munroe teaches English at Central Bucks East High School in Pennsylvania. She started in and after three years of dissatisfaction with her students, she started a blog in Does a teacher give up a degree of freedom of speech.

Instead, Natalie Munroe may possibly be fired over the blog post, which would be a violation of her First Amendment rights.” And the blog The Stir agrees, saying teachers don’t forfeit their rights.

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Natalie munroes blog and freedom of speech
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