Landslide limousines: employment compliance essay

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Landslide Limousine This week I was assigned to develop recruitment and selection strategy for Landslide Limousine to obtain employees that would help them meet their goals and expectations.

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Employment Law Compliance Plan ? Landslide Limousines

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Bradley Southfield, the owner, needs to develop clear job descriptions and post them in locations that are both visible and cost effective, low recruitment and selection budget due to the organizations being a new business.

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Our client, Bradley Stonefield, is planning to open a limousine service, Landslide Limousines, in the Austin, Texas area. Mr. Stonefield plans to hire approximately twenty-five people to provide first class transportation to a variety of clientele.

Before Mr. Stonefield begins hiring it is imperative that he has an understanding of applicable. Employment Law Compliance Plan Essay  Employment Law Owner of Landslide Limousines FROM: Tiffaney Sweitzer, Business Consultant DATE: September 29, SUBJECT: Employment Law Compliance Plan Compliance with employment laws is a must for every employer.

Landslide Limousines Essay

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Employment Law Compliance Plan: Landslides Limousines Dear Bradley, The following memo is an Employment Law Compliance Plan for Landslides Limousines.

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The plan summarizes key federal and Texas State employment laws.

Landslide limousines: employment compliance essay
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