Calibration of volumetric glassware

Volumetric flasks are for measuring a specific volume of fluid. A frosting of the glass surface viewed when dry indicates that chemical attack has occured, and recalibration may be in order.

Before World War I, glass producers in the United States had difficultly competing with German Laboratory Glassware manufacturers because laboratory glassware was classified as educational material and was not subject to an import tax.

Another way to connect glassware is with a hose barb and flexible tubing.


In the beginning of the experiment, the volumetric glasswork should be clean and dry earlier used. Fill the measuring cylinders with distilled water up to the calibration mark, taking care that no water droplets remain on the neck of the measuring cylinders or above the calibration mark.

April 09, Print Email Objective: Bottles are containers with narrow openings generally used to store reagents or samples. Besides observing systematic mistakes, this experiment would help on the technique and apprehensions to the right usage of these equipments. Before calibration, clean and dry the measuring cylinders to be calibrated.

As a precaution, however, it is recommended that the glassware be recalibrated after ten years of service regardless of its appearance.

Calibration Process

Jars are cylindrical containers with wide openings that may be sealed. There are 4 main steps to this process; 1. Although the instrument may mensurate a given sample, the value might necessitate to be altered due to assorted conditions.

Examples of glassware used for measurements include: Glass retorts are used for distillation.

Calibration of Volumetric Glassware

Evaluate the result Compare the result with admissable limits for the glassware and previous documentation on the unit. Weigh the receiver with water collected in it. Microscope slides are thin strips used to hold items under a microscope.

After that, it is important to change over the mass to volume.For volumetric glassware the difference between the old and new meanings of litre is negligible. Therefore, either mL or cm 3 may be marked on ware covered by this Specification.

Special Size Flasks— Precision grade flasks may be manufactured with nominal capacities not listed in this standard. part b- calibration of volumetric glassware Throughout the semester, you will be required to make accurate measurements of volume.

The primary means of doing so will be by using either a volumetric pipet, a Mohr pipet, a micropipet, or a buret.

Burette & pipette - calibration of volumetric glassware used in titrations

Calibration of volumetric glassware consists of the following services: Z The instrument is inspected visually for defects in numbering, graduating, or any obvious physical defects. Index Introduction 3 Ground joint glassware 13 Volumetric glassware 53 General laboratory glassware 65 Alphabetical index 76 Índice alfabético Ability to precisely measure volume of the solution is crucial for the accuracy of chemical analysis.

?Calibration of Volumetric Glassware Essay

Volumetric glass - while made according to known standards - is never perfect. Corning Pyrex Borosilicate Glass Class A Flat Bottom Volumetric Flask with Polyethylene Snap-Cap.

Calibration of volumetric glassware
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