Arguments about tattoos and piercings in the workplace

Their tattoos can be covered with clothing such as suit jackets and long sleeve shirts. Taylor Are tattoos acceptable at work? The fact you are proud of a few discolorations on your skin says a lot more about you than anything else. Many individuals have tattoos for personal reasons and to discriminate against an employee because of something that has meaning and is apart of them is unlawful.

ST Aerospace Mobile Inc. In fact, employers need to be wary about enforcing rules that exclude employees with tattoos. While litigation based on other protected classes is far less common, employers should recognize that body art may relate to other protected classes. Here are a few key findings from the research studies I reviewed that support that attitudes towards tattoos in the workplace may be changing: Some women that have survived breast cancer get elaborate tattoos on their chest to cover up the scar and make them feel more empowered and beautiful; should these women be denied a job because of a visible tattoo that has meaning to them?

Kat V Because these things can have meaning. Beres4 Employers need to focus more on the work ethic and qualifications of an employee instead of their outward appearance. No different from a hair style or a style of bracelet. A woman named Kat is very open about her tattoos and is heavily covered in them.

He added that body art can be a distraction, and especially important to hide when investors visit the office. Tattooed professionals often manage their "business" and "tattooed" selves as separate identities by covering up their tattoos in professional settings, especially upon first impressions, by covering up their tattoos.

Forster allows body art in the office, and about a quarter of his 25 employees have it. I firmly believe that judging someone by the artwork they paid good money for to color their skin, is no better than judging someone for their race and natural skin color.

I took the liberty of looking into actual academic research on tattoos and employment from the last few yearsand came up with some interesting conclusions and stats.

Many times, the rules depend on the type of work environment that the employees work in. But in the workplace, it is the right of the employer to dictate whether employees can show their tattoos in a written policy on body art. This is for several reasons. The chances are, none of them does.

Provided that the visible tattoos are not crude and offensive, discrimination against individuals with visible tattoos should not exist in the workplace. For several cultures, it is normal to have tattoo"s covering the body and their society doesn"t feel the need to force one to cover them up.

Debates About Tattoos in the Workplace

Posted in Employment Litigation, Employment Policies Tattoos and body piercings have become increasingly prevalent in the U.

Christen Jones You sound so uneducated yourself, I have many tattoo yet none of your claims are supported by fact. Theodore Roosevelt, however, is confirmed to have had a family crest inked into his chest.

The interviewer stood up, lifted her leg on her desk, and pulled up her pant leg to show him the big butterfly tattoo on her calf. I work full time, I go to college full time, I own a house, and still have body modifications.

Marq Post Your statements alone show you are not interested in anything more than a culture style. Until after the age of 25 the frontal lobe isn"t fully develop which mean that it make decisions making difficult.

In addition, many people use tattoos in order to express their religions. Employers have as much right to dictate your tattoos as they do to tell you to wear a suit or a uniform or whatever. Report this Argument Pro Tattoos might be a figure of expression for many people but many tattoos are obtained when people are under the age of This woman has the same intelligence, responsibility, kindness, and understanding as each and every other person who applied for this job.

What does modern research say? Tattoos along with all other body modification give the impression of being irresponsible, dumb, inept, having low self esteem and being desperately in need of getting attention, having little education, being infantile, and never thinking of the future.While tattoo culture has become ever more popular, students who sport body art still find it wise to conceal their tattoos when looking for work.

'I can come in in a suit and a tie. You won"t see a tattoo on my entire body, and you won"t see a piercing on my entire body,' Shipman said.

For tattoos that cannot be covered with clothing there is a special cover-up made for tattoos that can be used to conceal them.

As for piercings, they can be temporarily taken out for the day and replaced with retainers (plastic, nearly invisible jewelry that is placed in the piercing to keep it from closing. While there is allegedly no room in the workplace for discrimination, it still occurs, and unfortunately, it is against a beautiful form of art.

Employer Discrimination of Tattoos in the Workplace

I do understand that some people are put off by tattoos, but think of it this way: an incredibly successful salesman has tattoos covering both of his arms.

Feb 26,  · If you Google "tattoos in the workplace", you'll find that there are thousands of articles on the topic.

The top search engine real estate is dominated by websites like Forbes, USAToday, and. Pros and Cons of Tattoos (and Piercing) in the Workplace. By. Chitra Reddy. 0. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. In this article we are going to discuss about the different pros and cons of tattoos and piercing at workplace.

Piercings in the Workplace. Showing a tattoo or a body piercing makes a statement, intentional or not, about the wearer.

Tattoo-ism: Where Body Art Meets Employment Discrimination

Public opinion polls consistently show that the general public has a negative image of people with multiple, visible tattoos or extreme body piercings.

Arguments about tattoos and piercings in the workplace
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