An analysis of management and strategy report in marks and spencers

Six approaches have been put forward as ways of controlling resistance to change, which could be helpful for the human resource department at Marks and Spencers.

Unit 4 Strategic Management Assignment Marks and Spencer

The customer oriented approach by competitors leads to loss of loyal customers and hence the loss of business. Marks and Spencer had a franchise deal with a company called planet sport.

To make the company cost effective the management introduced a new inventory management program and eliminated jobs at the Head Office.

The company has closed its smaller regional warehouses and in it opened a super warehouse in Bradford. For the change, process to be effective leadership is required which can change implement an organizational culture that supports these change strategies.

Different generations bring perceptible shifts in consumer behaviour, from the way customers do their shopping, the channels and technology they use to how products are perceived.

The management had also failed to monitor the competitor threat, which was taking away the share of the company. Zeffane, Strategic Organizational Change Organizational change has become an integral part of planning and formulation.

The customer services levels at the company were declining and unable to read all these variables the company failed to strategically transform itself Stockport, In addition, in the company set annual recycling targets Waste Management Word, and in achieved zero waste to landfill Russell, The clothing business will have new women formal wear targeting the workingwomen, which is an increasing, segment in the UK.

After some dramatic changes it is clear that the expansion of the market have to come from the overseas. The food business has been success because the company was able to introduce new fresh foods in the market, which the customer preferred.

Strategic Management Assignment help on – MARKS & SPENCER’S

Marks and Spencer was stabilized in UK and even it started number of stores all over the world in the s. Strength and weakness are the internal factors of the organisation while the opportunities and threats can be analysed by observing the outside environment.

However, not all firms face the same degree of uncertainty and it is often possible to manipulate organizational constraints. Marks and Spencer have the Franchise agreement with developing countries such as Bermuda, Canary Islands, The Bahamas, The Czech republic and Israel De Naridi colethe company started franchising in the countries who have smaller per capita income.

The benefit is that the company does not have to manage the foreign exchange from around the world plus these funds can be capitalize for further growth and expansion within that region.

In addition, online supermarkets such as Ocado are starting to get the market share of traditional store-only food retailers. The other segments such as food and financial services also have a lot of growth potential.

The products of Marks and Spencer are of high quality and this organisation believes in providing good services to the customers.

SWOT analysis is meant to spark the strategic ray and to calculate the facts and figures which help for the strategic planning Mintzberg The customer centric strategy of the company has been successful in developing new products, which have increased the profitability of the company and increased its profits.

Strategic Analysis of Marks & Spencer Plc

It has moved from a platform hosted by Amazon to its own web platform which was launched at the end of to provide more delivery options and streamlined multichannel services.

Retrieved Julyfrom The Guardian: The company introduced new dishes like Cook!Buying in new fabrics and colours, increasing product offerings (M&S annual report). Product Development: i.e. new products in existing markets.

M&S offers customers a more extensive choice based by the highest quality and safety standards. - An Interpretation of the ratios for Marks and Spencers and the House of Fraser Findings ===== This section of the report will be composed of an interpretation of the ratios for both companies.

All ratios that form the ratio analysis will be explained, and any trends from within ratios will be highlighted.

Marks & Spencer’s was unable to fight the current levels of competition practiced within the retail market.

Marks and Spencer SWOT Analysis

Value Chain Analysis. The second theory which can be used in order to carry on strategic management at Marks & Spencer’s would be.

This document/report throws light on the business environment of Marks and Spencers and the analysis of strategic position, strategic direction, success criteria and backed up by future recommendations for the company based on all the mentioned aspects.

To overcome this management of Marks and Spencer’s need to come with a new strategy to attract all the age limits not losing its reputation with the present followers and they even need to develop a strategy to overcome from the bad publicity and to give great competition to its competitors such as Primark, Next, River island, oasis, Oxygen.

Analysis of Marks & Spencer’s International Strategy. the time of downfall and how did it overcome its mistakes to bounce back in the global market with its new marketing strategy. The report is a mix of the academic research and the case study materials provided from which the final conclusion can be drawn as to the organization should.

An analysis of management and strategy report in marks and spencers
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